Choosing the Right Pool Towels: A Guide for Hotels, Vacation Rentals and Resorts

When it comes to providing a memorable experience for your guests at hotels, vacation rentals, and resorts every detail matters – including the pool towels. From lounging by the pool to drying off after a refreshing swim, the quality and comfort of your pool towels can significantly impact guest satisfaction. At A1 American, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect pool towels to enhance your guests’ stay. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right pool towels for your establishment:

Value Pool Towels: Budget-Friendly Reliability

Golden Camelot Blue Stripe Gym and Pool Towels

Our Value Pool Towels are crafted for establishments seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Made with durability and comfort in mind, these towels, such as the Golden Camelot Blue Stripe Pool Towels, ensure reliability that can withstand frequent use and washing. Perfect for those looking to maximize value without sacrificing comfort.

Deluxe Pool Towels: Elevating Comfort and Style

Golden Jewel Cabana Pool Towels

Elevate your guests’ poolside experience with our Deluxe Pool Towels. Enhanced softness and absorbency characterize these towels, such as the Golden Jewel Cabana Pool Towels providing maximum comfort after a swim. Available in various sizes and colors, they add a touch of luxury to any pool setting, perfect for properties aiming to impress guests with both comfort and style.

Superior Pool Towels: Luxury Beyond Expectations

Breeze Pool Towels

Redefine luxury with our Superior Pool Towels. Crafted from the finest materials, like the Breeze Pool Towels, they offer unmatched softness and durability. With a range of designs to choose from, including solid colors and eye-catching stripes, they provide a luxurious touch that will impress your guests. Ideal for establishments that prioritize luxury and sophistication.


Ready to enhance your guests’ poolside experience? Trust A1 American, the leader in hospitality business supplies, with over 100 years of experience. Browse our selection of pool towels on our website or call 833.205.2200 to speak with one of our sales reps and discover what A1 can do for your business.