How Smart Brands Are Marketing on Social Media in 2022

Social media changes as quickly as the world around us. What is in one moment may be out the next. Whether you are searching for that perfect viral moment for your hospitality business or just want to stay relevant with your digital marketing, here are a few tips for savvy business marketing in 2022.

  • Metaverse is the buzzword of the year – Most people have no idea exactly what the metaverse is, but to the average consumer, it is directly associated with virtual reality or augmented reality. So if there is any way to associate an AR or VR environment with your business – perhaps a virtual tour of the hotel – then this is something to promote on your social accounts.
  • Everyone wants to add sustainability to their travel plans – Every step your brand takes towards net-zero needs to be publicized, so travelers know that your hotel is a sustainable option. People want sustainable travel but don’t know what it means or how to find it. Tell the public what you are doing to reach this goal on your social accounts.
  • Use TikTok, Reels, and other short-form videos in vertical format – Consumers want to watch videos, but attention spans are shorter than ever, and no one wants to have to flip their phone sideways.

Get Your Hotel Ready for Its Close-Up

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