IHG Hotels & Resorts Aims to Eliminate Single-Use Amenity Bottles

Hotel amenity bottles produce tons of waste each year as single-use plastic bottles are discarded after each guest. IHG is one of the hotel brands looking to reduce its carbon footprint through the use of refillable dispensers. According to IHG, they may reduce their waste by 850 metric tons per year through a partnership they have formed with Unilever to replace these single-use bottles with full-size refillable ones.

Is this a solution that your hotel can implement in order to reduce your carbon footprint? One of the top sustainability goals that hotels should be striving for is the elimination of all single-use plastic items. Another way to rapidly improve the sustainability of your hotel would be to implement a plan for minimizing food waste.

Be sure to advertise these plans as you implement them because a recent study revealed that 87% of adult travelers in the US place a high value on being able to travel in a more sustainable manner. Not only are travelers more likely to choose a hotel that is implementing sustainable measures and making it known, but they may even be willing to pay more for sustainable travel options.

Helping Hotels Meet Sustainability Goals

A1 American is proud to support hotels that are trying to phase out single-use plastic amenity bottles. Check out our catalog of refillable dispensers to see how our sustainable hotel products can help you to reach your goals. And don’t forget to look over our entire line of quality hospitality products. We want to be your one-stop shop! Call 833.205.2200 to start your order or learn more today.

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