3 Tips for Staying Ahead of Your Hotel Competition in a Post-COVID World 1

3 Tips for Staying Ahead of Your Hotel Competition in a Post-COVID World

Travelers are starting to return, but every hotel is fighting for their piece of the pie and there is not as much to go around as there was just a couple of years ago. How can you stay ahead and bring in the bookings your hotel needs? Here are three quick tips:

  1. Understand what post-pandemic travelers want – keep in mind that we’re still in the midst of the pandemic. Travelers want to feel safe. The right essential care products for staff and guests can accomplish that. Travelers are also looking for a little more flexibility in their travel plans. They want to know that their deposits aren’t lost in case they get sick and must cancel their trip.
  2. Become a tech-forward hotel – it is time to revamp your website and add contactless check-in at the hotel. Use social media to attract travelers who are looking for an experience, not just a bed.
  3. Pivot to meet current and future needs of travelers – if you are still charging for Wi-Fi, it’s time to make that a free service. Work at meeting traveler wants like a more sustainable stay. Offer packages that show you know what travelers want and that you can help them to have a great experience.

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