Increase Customer Engagement

3 Ways to Improve Your Hotel’s Strategy for Customer Engagement

The current generation is all about experiences. That doesn’t start when they reach your hotel. You need to provide a good experience from their first interaction with your brand. Then you need to keep on engaging with past customers so they become loyal brand advocates. Here are three ways to up your hotel’s consumer engagement game.

  • Personalize it – When someone stays at your hotel, it is an opportunity to collect the data you need to maintain engagement. Store their preferences and share packages that are relevant to their interests based on previous stays.
  • Make it fun – If there are ways to engage with your customers using videos or even mini-games, you are going to hold their attention a lot longer than you would with a long page of text or even still images. Keep it relevant, but add in fun any time you can.
  • Share your brand values – Consumers care about the image of a brand. Whether you are taking sustainability steps for the environment, supporting a local charity, or telling a compelling story – be sure that all of your digital content conveys the same brand values. This will build trust in your hotel. After all, if your message is always consistent, the consumer can trust their stays will always be consistent.

Get the Supplies You Need for Success

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