4 Tips to Help Your Hotel Use Instagram the Right Way 1

4 Tips to Help Your Hotel Use Instagram the Right Way

The modern generation of traveler seems just as likely to choose a hotel based on Instagram as any other type of advertising. How can you make sure that your IG game is strong enough to bring in new guests?

  • Make your hotel feel like a lifestyle – From photos of the rooms to the common areas, let guests feel the experience of staying at your hotel. Be certain to stay on-brand with your message while ensuring that all your images are visually appealing.
  • Get the staff involved – People want to see someone at your hotel. Whether the staff pose as models who are supposed to be guests or you do some “behind the scenes” photoshoots to reveal the hard work they do to keep everyone comfortable, make sure there are lots of smiles. And remember, even when someone is wearing a mask, you can tell if they are smiling.
  • Get outdoors – Share local experiences that a guest can have. Travelers want to know that there are exciting things to do near your hotel.
  • Use the right hashtags – If you want someone to find your hotel, you need to use the best hotel hashtags. Also, start some unique hashtags for your hotel and encourage guests to use them when posting. You can even hold some competitions to encourage the use of your hashtag.

Get Your Hotel the Attention that It Deserves

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