4 Ways to Secure a Hotel Booking from a Cautious Traveler 1

4 Ways to Secure a Hotel Booking from a Cautious Traveler

According to a recent industry study, Americans are making safety a priority when traveling during the pandemic. How can you secure the precious bookings that are happening instead of losing a guest to a competing hotel? Here are four things that guests really want.

  • Reduced hotel capacity – 34% of survey responders were more likely to book at a hotel that was intentionally maintaining a lower guest capacity during the pandemic. Since many hotels are not full right now anyway, operating at a limited capacity may actually be a good way to fill some more rooms.
  • Use of contactless technology – 20% of guests will only stay at a hotel that offers contactless tech such as check-in and room entry.
  • Heath screenings – If you don’t have someone taking temperatures at the front door, now is the time to get a non-contact infrared thermometer and get started. 30% of guests won’t stay at a hotel unless check-in screenings are required.
  • Clearly communicated safety measures – Whether it is an email, phone call, or another sort of communication, this is the most essential item to offer your guest. A whopping 41% of those polled said they would only stay at a hotel that clearly communicates health and safety measures to guests prior to their stay.

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