5 Hospitality Insights for 2023

You have to stay ahead of industry trends if you want to maximize your bookings. Here are a few things to keep an eye on in 2023.

  • The demand for experiences continues to grow – Hotels used to be just a place to sleep while exploring a location. Now, travelers expect the hotel to be able to help curate their experience. From restaurants to unique local attractions, be ready to offer packages that meet traveler wants.
  • Contactless isn’t going away – People may not be as worried about getting sick, but they’re in love with contactless and mobile technologies. The more your guests can do from your brand’s app, the better.
  • Make ordering food as simple as possible – Whether it is room service or reservations, you want to make it simple for guests to get food from your hotel restaurants. This can include things like mobile ordering or digital menus.
  • Strengthen employee relations – From more training to developing talent so you can promote from within, now is the time to start thinking long-term for each employee at your hotel.
  • Collaborate with tech providers – To accommodate the growing demand for tech in the hospitality industry, you may want to consider partnering up with major brands to keep your hotel up to date.

Get Your Hotel Ready to Welcome Guests in 2023

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