5 Thoughtful Ideas for Welcoming Guests at Your Vacation Rental Property 1

5 Thoughtful Ideas for Welcoming Guests at Your Vacation Rental Property

Making your guests feel welcome from the moment they enter your rental property creates a great experience that results in 5-star reviews and repeat visits. Here are five thoughtful ways to welcome a guest to your vacation rental property:

  • Local product samples – from soap to candles to knickknacks, this great addition to a welcome package also highlights local businesses. Since your welcome gift may result in a visit and purchase at the local shops, you may be able to acquire these samples at a steep discount or even for free by striking a deal with local shop keepers.
  • Food and drink – stocking the fridge with bottled water is a good start. You may even want to provide samples of local bakeries or wineries. Again, since these samples may bring in business from your guests, you should be able to make a good deal.
  • Amenity bottles – by providing amenity bottles, you add the one hotel convenience that vacation rentals don’t usually provide. Make sure to advertise this so that guests know which toiletries they won’t have to pack.
  • PPE – in lieu of the pandemic, we place a different value on things like disposable masks and tiny bottles of hand sanitizer. This welcome kit shows guests that you really care about their safety concerns and your hotel is fortified with the necessary personal care products to account for that.
  • Occasion appropriate gifts – for a couple on a romantic getaway, include a bottle of wine, fresh-cut flowers, or some chocolates. Switch it up for a family on vacation or a business traveler.

Get the Products You Need to Welcome Guests at Your Vacation Rental

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