As Trends Change, A New Standard Is Set for Hotel Design 1

As Trends Change, A New Standard Is Set for Hotel Design

The pandemic has left its mark on the hotel industry, for better or worse. What are some of the shifting trends that are changing the standard for hotel design? Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of the hotel industry:

  • New hygiene standards – guests have always wanted a hotel room to look and smell fresh and clean, but now they are also worried about things they can’t see. A seal showing the room has been sanitized before their arrival and that they are the first ones to enter since may become the new gold standard for travel cleanliness. Being greeted with a hand sanitizing station in the lobby is also vital.
  • More contactless tech – smart rooms were already the wave of the future, but now more than ever, guests want a contactless experience. That means using a phone as a door key, using voice commands or an app to set the thermostat, ordering room service or picking up a meal/drinks and all sorts of other necessary conveniences without the contact.
  • Reconnecting with nature – hotel trends are not all about health and the pandemic. People also want to connect with the outside world. More natural light, fresh air, and greenery indoors is expected as climate change forces everyone to accept the connection between their future and the planet.

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