Can the Right Bedding Improve Sleep Quality 1

Can the Right Bedding Improve Sleep Quality?

When you run a hotel, one of the factors that will determine guest experiences is how well your guests sleep. You do everything you can to provide each customer with a good night’s rest. That is a key to getting 5-star reviews. Is it possible that your bedding will be what makes or breaks the experience for your guest? In many cases, the answer is yes. Here are some areas to pay particularly close attention to, when best arranging your hotel bed:

  • Pillow types – offering a variety of pillows to your guests can help ensure they sleep well regardless of whether they prefer to sleep on their back, side, or stomach. Back sleepers need the softest pillows to sink into. In contrast, side sleepers need a thicker pillow with moderate firmness in order to maintain proper posture while sleeping.
  • Microfiber sheets – for wintertime, microfiber provides the perfect blend of comfort and warmth. They don’t breathe the same way cotton sheets do, so you can provide extra warmth with the sheet itself. However, microfiber is also luxuriously smooth to the touch.
  • Cotton sheets – during warmer weather, cotton offers a breathable material that provides a rich feel. As a result, you offer comfortable sleeping along with a sense of luxury.

We Can Help Your Guests Get Some Rest

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