Cross-Posting Blog Content to Social Media the Right Way

Your hotel likely has a digital marketing company producing blog content to boost your SEO and provide engagement for your website visitors. This content is valuable when it comes to your social media accounts. Here are a few tips to help you cross-post your blog content in a manner that makes sense:

  • Post time-specific content before the event or sale – you don’t want people clicking on your social media content and finding out that the event or sale they were interested in is already over. You may even want to promote it with sponsored ads, but make sure the sponsored ads stop when the event occurs or the promo ends.
  • Make the post platform specific – on Facebook, you may just be cross-posting the entire article. On Twitter, you only have a few words to attract interest. Then you need an eye-catching image, an abbreviated link, and the right hashtags. On Instagram, you’re going to be using an image or video to grab attention. If you are using Instagram Stories, you can add a link directly to the content.
  • Use the same content on several social platforms – while each platform is different, there may be some similarities. For example, a Reel or TikTok video to promote your post is going to be similar in length and are both vertical, so you just have to be sure it meets the standards for both platforms.

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