Crucial Guest Communication Tips for Hotels

In order to properly manage guest experience leading to satisfying stays and positive reviews, you need to have good communication with guests. So what does the modern traveler expect from a hotel when it comes to communication? Here are a few things you need to know about hotel guest interactions:

  • Start before the stay – offer preregistration to streamline the check-in process. Most guests should be able to do this from a mobile app on a smart device. Be sure to also communicate the information they will need for the stay, such as current hotel safety measures, check-in and out times, information about add-ons or upgrades, and so on.
  • Provide communication options – allow guests to choose the channels you communicate with them through (email, phone, SMS, a specific messaging app, etc.) as well as their preferred language.
  • Automation is your friend – this will help to ensure that all communications stay on brand. When someone must communicate on the spot, this is where you can end up in trouble, especially if the traveler is belligerent or your employee is having a bad day.
  • After the stay – be sure to request feedback. Encourage guests to write reviews and link to your preferred channels so you can direct the reviews to where you currently need them posted the most.

Provide a Great Hotel Experience

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