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Do Consumer Photos Affect Their Reviews? Here’s What Research Says

Today, everyone has a quality camera in the palm of their hand. The ubiquity of the smartphone means that everyone is a photographer, and those photos are going to make their way into your online reviews. What does this mean for your hotel? Do consumer photos impact reviews? Here’s what the research tells us about consumer photos and your business.

A study in the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research shows that you definitely want user-generated content in your hotel reviews. The study was conducted using more than 1.1 million reviews and nearly half a million photos. The results of the research reveal that consumers usually find reviews with photos more helpful when making a decision. The subject of the photos matters as well. Consumers were more likely to mark a review as being helpful if the traveler shared photos of the room as opposed to things like a meal they ate.

What does this mean for your hotel?

  • You want your reviews with photos to be prominent, especially ones that focus on the guestrooms.
  • This is especially important for hotels in the budget price range since the impact of the study was greater for lower-priced hotels.
  • Pay particular attention to reviews with pictures and respond to them – both positive and negative reviews.
  • Make sure rooms are always clean and beautiful to ensure guestroom photos are linked to positive reviews.

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