Elimination of Single-Use Plastic Aims to Come to Fruition As of 2023 1

Elimination of Single-Use Plastic Aims to Come to Fruition As of 2023

When it comes to single-use plastics, the hospitality industry is one of the biggest offenders. We know the effect these products are having on the environment. However still, hotels, airlines, restaurants, cruises, spas, and other hospitality businesses are still going through many amenity bottles, disposable utensils, drinking draws and other plastics that are difficult or impossible to recycle.

Well, governments are soon going to make the hospitality industry play ball. Some proactive state and local governments have already started to put into place, the framework to reduce the use of single-use plastics on a small scale, but larger measures are coming too; now is the time to prepare.

Firstly, staying ahead of the regulations shows that your business cares about the planet, and that will go a long way with the growing number of eco-conscious travelers. From Millennials to Gen Z and beyond, your customers of today and tomorrow are going to want to see your business making an effort.

IGH, Marriott, Accor Group, and others are getting ahead of the curve with everything from banning plastic straws to getting rid of single-use plastic amenities for guests by 2023. So whether the governments have bans in place by then or not, you’re falling behind your competitors if you don’t get on board.

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