Essential Care Items for America’s Essential Workers

Essential Care Items for America’s Essential Workers

The American healthcare system has been strained like never before during the COVID-19 health crisis. Having the proper essential care items protects both your staff and your patients. A1 American is proud to offer the products that American’s essential workers need most during this health crisis. Here is a sampling of our offerings.

  • Face masks – We offer an array of face masks, including non-woven 3-layer face masks, disposable KN 95 masks, and reusable face masks. We also offer full face shields that can be worn over the mask for complete face protection from fluid spray. The face shields are easy to clean and see through.
  • Gloves – Nitrile gloves help to prevent cross-contamination between patients, so it is crucial to have a large enough supply to keep changing them out all day long. We offer medium, large, and extra-large sizes so that your staff can have gloves that fit comfortably and function properly.
  • Isolation gowns – Patients and staff alike need gowns to avoid dangers in isolation units. Non-woven disposable gowns, as well as reusable yellow knit gowns, are available.
  • Hand sanitizer – From individual bottles for staff members to large refill bottles for the dispensers throughout your facility, we offer the products you need to hold you over until the next thorough handwashing is possible. Both 70% and 80% alcohol solutions are available.

Your Essential Care Partner During the Health Crisis and Beyond

A1 American has the products that your healthcare facility needs now and in the future. These products will also be essential for other businesses as the nation reopens. To learn more or to place an order, call 833.205.2200 today.

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