Getting Your Cruise Line Ready for 2021 1

Getting Your Cruise Line Ready for 2021

You probably hear a lot of talk about the new normal to expect after COVID-19. However, it is necessary to remember that in the hospitality industry, what is considered normal is constantly changing. Don’t get us wrong – we are living in unprecedented times, and it requires adaptation for industries to survive. However, it is critical to view this as a necessary adaptation for the industry rather than looking at it like a giant that needs to be slain.

Consider just a few ways that you can revamp your cruise line while you wait for it to be safe to take on passengers again.

  • Prepare to stock essential care products – Your cruise ships are going to have to offer masks, hand sanitizing stations, and other amenities besides the usual shampoo and hand soap. An essential PPE welcome kit is a great way to let guests know that their safety comes first.
  • Changing seating – In indoor spaces, you may need to prepare to offer less seating. Whether that means you book fewer guests or you just provide more outdoor activities will be something that has to be decided upon.
  • Meal arrangements – Buffets are a hallmark of cruise line eating. However, at least for some time, you may need to think about offering to-go boxes for guests and other dining options, such as contactless delivery or outdoor tables with full-service rather than self-serve meals.

However Cruises Look in 2021, A1 American Will Be Here

A1 American has been providing supplies for the hospitality industry for decades, and we’re not going anywhere. From sheets and towels to essential care products to sustainable disposable restaurant items, we offer the supplies your cruise line will need. Contact us today at 833-205-2200 to place your order.

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