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Going Zero-Waste in the Hotel Industry: What It Means

Zero-waste is more than just a buzzword. It’s all about making travel more sustainable. It is what travelers want, and it is what the planet needs. So how can you cut down or nearly eliminate the amount of waste produced by your hotel?

  • Recycle organic waste in the hotel garden – If hotel food isn’t used quickly enough, it may get thrown away for safety reasons. However, when food breaks down, it can still provide nutrients for plant life. See how much food waste can become compost that helps keep the grounds beautiful.
  • Phase-out plastic usage – Single-use plastics are especially wasteful. Thus, many hotels are moving away from single-use amenity bottles and even disposable water bottles. Eliminating plastic tableware and limiting straws to special requests can also reduce plastic waste.
  • Upcycle instead of buying new – Whether you are looking for a piece of statement furniture or even cloth for wall décor, you would be surprised what a talented craftsperson can do with secondhand items.
  • Charitable donations – Don’t throw it away – give it away. When you are done with old beds or other furniture, find a way to donate anything in good enough condition to salvage.
  • Educate hotel guests – You need to help your guests maintain your ideal of zero-waste, so you are not hauling bags of trash out of every room on a daily basis. Make recycling bins readily available in the rooms and throughout the hotel.

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