Hashtag Tips for Your Hotel’s Social Media Marketing

Hashtags are how people find content that is relevant to their interests on social media. If they are interested in travel, especially if they are ready to book, you want them to find your social content. So how can you use hashtags to bring attention to your hotel? Here are a few tips for improving reach and engagement:

  • Use hashtags people are searching for – no one will find your brand if you are using hashtags that no one searches for or clicks on. Can you use a throwaway hashtag for humor on occasion? Sure, but don’t make it a habit. Hashtags have a purpose, and that is to increase widespread audience reach and engagement.
  • Use your own hashtags – hashtags that include your brand name or a brief slogan will make it easy for people to find your content. You can even have contests where followers use certain hashtags you want to promote, in order to submit an entry. This will give the hashtag an initial boost and will cause even more people to use it and search for it.
  • Use popular industry hashtags – while some hashtags will be specific to your hotel or chain, others need to be related to travel and hotels in general. You’ll have to work harder to get noticed, but you want to produce quality content anyway.

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