Here Are 4 Rising Hospitality Trends in 2022 1

Here Are 4 Rising Hospitality Trends in 2022

If you want to build your hospitality business back up in the wake of the pandemic, here are all of the growing trends you need to know about:

  • Travelers are booking their stays much closer to when they intend to travel in order to avoid cancellations due to covid. Be sure to target last-minute travelers.
  • Work travel – business travel is changing. Fewer businesses are sending their employees out to in-person meetings. However, more people than ever are working on vacation. Remote work allows people to travel freely as long as they have a workstation with high-speed Internet, so be sure to prepare your hotel to meet this growing need.
  • International travel is giving way to local and even hyper-local travel – some families are just going an hour or two away from home to get the vacation experience without having to board a plane or take a long road trip during a pandemic. Be sure to target a local audience, perhaps even vacationers from your own city or neighboring cities.
  • Target Mobile Shoppers – more people than ever before are shopping for vacations on mobile devices. Make sure your vacation packages are available in popular apps and be sure you can make direct sales through your own brand’s app.

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