Here’s What You Need to Know About Building on Social Media

Whether you operate a hotel chain, a vacation rental, or any other sort of hospitality business, your social media presence is important. How can you grow your social media following without coming off like you’re constantly trying to sell your product? Here are our top tips:

  • Find your target community – Remember, social media is about more than sales. So you are not just gathering a group of people to sell to (don’t worry – you’ll also get to sell to them). Your top priority on social media is developing a community. What type of person will be most likely to use your brand for travel?
  • Use the right platforms – It is impossible to have more than just a few successful social accounts. So you need to determine which platforms will reach the most people with your brand. Right now, the top platforms for travel seem to be Instagram and TikTok because both allow short-form video content. But remember that sentiment can shift quickly, so you need to be ready to pivot.
  • Trends and influencers – If you partner with the right travel influencers and capitalize on the top travel trends to create viral content, this can also get the attention of many new followers.

Get Your Brand Ready for Social Media

Whether you are posting short-form videos to your own social media accounts or you are being tagged by travelers, you want to be sure that your rooms are always looking their best. A1 American can help! We have supplies for guestrooms, bathrooms, spas, and even the fitness center. Get your order started today by calling 833.205.2200.

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