High-Performance Products for Your Commercial Laundry

At A1 American, we pride ourselves in providing top-quality products for the commercial laundry industry at affordable rates that don’t turn “stocking up” into “making a big investment.” From blankets and sheets to towels and underpads, we strive to be a single-source supplier for our clients. Today, we want to highlight the three principles that make A1 American the right supplier for your commercial laundry.

  • Quality – We offer a wide array of top-quality products, so you don’t have to search around to source your linens from multiple manufacturers. We have approximately 2,000 SKUs in our collection. Our global supply chain is designed to ensure the integrity of our products.
  • Service – Our customer service is personalized to meet your brand’s needs because we know that no two companies are exactly the same. We also offer online ordering for your convenience, so you can get the full-service support you expect when you need it and the convenience of quick ordering when you don’t.
  • Value – Our nationwide distribution system results in 1–2-day lead times. Our well-stocked inventory management helps keep you supplied when you need it. And our strong financial backing means we’re here to stay (and have been for over 100 years).

Partner with A1 American Today!

Take a closer look at our commercial laundry catalog to find out just how many products we offer! Then give us a call at 833.205.2200 to enjoy the stellar customer service that will turn our business relationship into a long-term partnership, keeping your commercial laundry well-supplied for years to come.