High-Performance Products for Your Healthcare Facility

From sheets and towels to blankets and privacy curtains, you use a lot of textiles at your healthcare facility. But today, we want to address an essential textile that has to be high-performance to provide a necessary level of comfort for patients and to protect your mattress investments. That is our incontinence products.

  • Underpads – We offer six different types of underpads to meet your facility’s needs and budget. These are ultra-absorbent and soft for the protection of the mattress and the comfort of the patient. For example, our Supreme Green Twill Underpads offer a 12-ounce polyester/rayon soaker. And our X Pad is super lightweight to reduce wash times while providing a superior moisture-free experience.
  • Diapers – Besides patient gowns, we also offer several styles of reusable diapers and briefs. These are designed for patients with a greater degree of incontinence or who can’t get to the bathroom on their own and need regular assistance (such as patients in a long-term care facility). You can get more information on the variety of products that we offer when you speak with one of our sales representatives.

These are just a couple of the ways A1 American is helping medical facilities put their patients first!

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