Hotel Reopening Guide Part 3 – Preparing Hotel Amenities for Guests

Hotel Reopening Guide Part 3 – Preparing Hotel Amenities for Guests

Hotel amenities contain some of the most common contact points for hotel guests, which can make them some of the more difficult parts of your hotel to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic. How can you keep your guests safe while still offering amenities like a spa, fitness center, pool, or conference room? Here are a few tips:

  • Reducing max capacity – This goes across the board for all of the hotel’s amenities. Your state should have guidelines discussing how to properly reduce maximum occupancy in order to maintain social distancing. You may have to require guests to book times at the fitness center or other amenities to ensure max capacity is not exceeded.
  • Add sanitizer stations throughout the hotel – While you need sanitizer stations at the hotel entrance, many other locations can benefit as well. Place hand sanitizing stations at the entrance to all conference rooms, in the gym, and throughout pool and spa areas.
  • Provide protective equipment – All staff at the spa, pool, golf course, and other amenity locations should be outfitted with PPE like masks and possibly face shields. You may also want to provide disposable masks or Essential PPE Welcome kits for guests at check-in. If you host a conference, make sure all attendees will have the proper PPE.
  • Disinfect amenity areas frequently – Have wipes and disinfectant sprays readily available for staff as well as guests. For example, make sure that fitness center guests have access to disinfectants and require them to use these on equipment both prior to and following use.

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