How to Create Effective Display Ads that Lead to Actual Engagement

Display ads are essential in the hospitality industry. You need to catch the attention of travelers, so they book their next stay with you. Here are a few tips to help ensure that your display ads and landing pages accomplish their goal of not just getting attention but also converting that engagement into actual bookings.

  • Work with a digital marketing agency – this isn’t the time to cut corners and save a few dollars by handling the campaign in-house. Digital marketing is a specialized skill, and these agencies have teams that are dedicated to creating effective display ads and landing pages.
  • Upgrade your landing pages – there’s nothing more disappointing for a consumer than clicking on a display ad that really gets your attention and having it send you to a boring landing page that screams, “this isn’t really what you want.” You need the display ad and landing page experience to match so the traveler can be confident that the actual vacation experience will continue to meet the high standard you are producing with each interaction.
  • Reduce the number of clicks required – from clicking the display ad to clicking a “book now” button on your landing page, the fewer times you have to convince a shopper to click through before booking a stay, the better. Make it simple to go from browsing to booking!

Complete the Experience with a Fabulous Stay

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