How to Leverage Hotel Amenities to Boost Reviews

Despite the fact that a return to travel is in full swing, you still need to stand out when it comes to the competition in order to get those bookings. One of the best ways to distance yourself from the crowd is through positive reviews. In fact, without those reviews, your hotel may get filtered out of searches by travelers who are looking for the top experiences.

Hotel room amenities may be your secret to boosting guest satisfaction and increasing review scores. Here are just a few areas in the room where you need to consider quality to improve guest experience:

  • The TV – Fewer travelers want to watch network television. Now, most would prefer to be able to log in to their streaming accounts. Just be sure to remind them to log out when they leave.
  • Towels & Sheets – Find the perfect balance of sustainability and comfort when it comes to towels and sheets. This will make guests feel good inside and out.
  • Toiletries – It’s time to ditch single-use plastic bottles and show guests you care about the environment. That means adding amenity dispensers in your rooms.
  • Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi needs to be fast, stable and included in the price of the room. This is no longer a bonus for business travelers. With remote work on the rise, almost everyone is on a working vacation.

Get the Amenities Your Hotel Needs to Impress Guests

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