How to Use Influencer Marketing for Your Hotel

Traditional marketing still has its place in the hospitality industry. However, you are not going to reach younger travelers with printed ads, TV and radio commercials, and billboards. If you want to appeal to the next generation of travelers, here are a few ways to take advantage of the rise of influencer marketing.

  • Start a paid sponsorship – one of the main ways to get influencers to market for your brand is to pay them. While paid sponsorships are obvious ads, they still get your brand out there in front of the influencer’s followers. Most influencers stay on brand, so your hotel should appeal to at least a percentage of their community.
  • Gift them a free stay – let them enjoy a few nights in one of your most luxurious rooms. Is it guaranteed that they will love it and promote your brand? No. But this is not a high risk if you are letting them have a room that might have been empty anyway. If they post from the room and tag the hotel/location, you are getting an even bigger advertising boost.
  • Have them host a giveaway – now, you are engaging the influencer’s audience. Give the influencer something to giveaway, like a couple of free nights in an upgraded room or another exciting offer from your brand. Giveaways get more engagement than any other type of post and could result in a lot of good publicity for giving up just a few nights in one of your exclusive rooms.

Get Your Hotel Influencer-Ready

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