Leveraging Existing Customers to Make More Sales 1

Leveraging Existing Customers to Make More Sales

Your hospitality business can spend tons of ad dollars finding new travelers to stay at your hotel or vacation rental. Or you can take the cheaper route and focus on convincing previous guests to return. After all, they have already stayed with your hotel in the past and you have collected relevant contact info when they did. Here are some ways to put that data to good use for increased sales:

  • Upsell – when a traveler is booking a room, make sure there are packages available to bundle things like meals or local experiences. If a guest took advantage of one of these packages in the past, make sure you offer it again next time they book.
  • Use a rewards program – there’s no better way to turn a guest into a loyal customer than providing them with rewards for using your hotel or vacation rentals over and over again. Rewards programs that offer free nights every so often are the perfect way to do this.
  • Find more engagement points – contact your past guests with direct marketing campaigns via email and SMS. Target them with sponsored ads on social media. Have your hotel personnel upsell at check-in or even check-out by offering deals on booking their next visit.

Provide a Great Hospitality Experience

Of course, you’re barking up the wrong tree marketing to past guests who didn’t have a great experience. That’s why A1 American is committed to providing the supplies that help the hospitality industry get those coveted 5-star reviews. Call 833.205.2200 today, and don’t forget to ask about our essential care products to navigate any future covid variants.

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