New Year, New Rentals - Tips for New and Existing Rental Owners 1

New Year, New Rentals: Tips for New and Existing Rental Owners

The pandemic has changed the way people travel and new or existing rental owners need to keep this in mind throughout 2021 and beyond. Let’s take a look at some essential tips for new rental owners so that you can build confidence that your home or apartment is safe.

  • White= tidy and clean – whether this can be true or not, in reality, what matters is the perception of the guest. To travelers, white towels and sheets (or at least an extremely light neutral) are equated with cleanliness. After all, it is very easy to spot a dirty stain on white linens. Be sure that all of the bedrooms and bathrooms are using white linens to put your guests at ease.
  • Use bedbug-proof mattress covers – Nothing will result in a bad review faster than a guest who finds bedbugs at night and ends up transporting back some unwanted guests to their own home. Plus, it can be very costly to remove those pesky bugs!. Invest in mattress protectors that are bedbug-proof. Allergen-free and waterproof mattress covers are a good idea too.
  • Invest in some antimicrobial pillow covers – besides your pillowcases, the right pillow cover provides an additional layer of protection against the transference of microbes between guests. It is a simple and washable solution. 
  • Triple Sheeting, a must! – Triple Sheeting lends itself to a cleaner room as it is cleansed on every visit as opposed to a quilted bedspread.  In addition, triple sheeting leads to lower laundering costs as it is composed from a single sheet pattern and is lighter to the feel and touch.  Finally, triple sheeting allows for faster turnaround of the rooms, estimated at three to four times faster!  Check out A1 American top sheet options for triple sheeting.
  • Provide PPE supplies – renters want to feel protected while staying at properties and a great way to enhance their experience is to provide PPE kits or supplies which include masks, sanitizers, gloves. Check out A1 American’s essential care PPE options on essential care page.  

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