Pivoting Your Luxury Hotel Into Apartment Suites 1

Pivoting Your Luxury Hotel Into Apartment Suites

Hospitality businesses have been struggling since the beginning of the pandemic, and even though a small amount of business and recreational travel is beginning to flow again, things are still moving slowly. Some hotels are pivoting by converting some of their luxury rooms into apartment suites. What are some of the advantages that draw in travelers? Here are all of the benefits.

The Benefits of a Vacation Rental with the Amenities of a Hotel

You may be finding it difficult to compete with vacation rentals during the pandemic. An inclusive rental with a kitchen makes it easier for a couple or a family to maintain social distance and travel in a safer manner. Apartment suites provide a similar experience for guests, but they also provide the benefits of being in a hotel in case a guest wants to order from the restaurant, head the fitness center, book time in the spa, or call the front desk for assistance.

If you offer loyalty rewards, this is another benefit that guests receive (that they won’t get from an independently owned vacation rental). By creating a similar experience but also offering amenities and perks, you now become the more favorable option. It is the perfect way to pivot your hospitality business during the pandemic. It sets up your hotel for the future as well as optimal satisfaction for your guests; according to vacation rental data found on sites, this is what travelers want to feel satisfied with their experience.

The Supplies You Need for Your Luxury Apartment Suites Hotel

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