Pool Towels That Offer a Luxury Experience

When we think about it for a moment, we all know what makes a great pool towel. First, it’s all about balance. There has to be enough texture so that the towel absorbs water rapidly but not so much that it becomes scratchy or uncomfortable. A1 American has cracked the code with our 100% ring spun cotton towels that are equal parts absorbent and plush!

Next comes the appearance. While guest room towels are traditionally all white – and there is nothing wrong with continuing that motif at the pool if you prefer – the pool gives you a unique opportunity to add a splash of color so you can extend your branding throughout the experience. A1 American offers a wide array of pool towels with pleasing striped patterns that let you add that splash of color while still showing off that the towels are sparkling clean.

Finally, durability is a must. You certainly can’t hand a raggedy old towel to a pool guest, and you don’t want to feel like the towels are disposable because of how often you have to change them out. That’s why A1 American provides durable towels that stand up to wash after wash, retain their appearance, and offer a great body feel even after repeated use. Each guest will feel like they are the first one to use the towel.

Durable and Affordable Hospitality Products for a Luxury Experience

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