Wipe Clean and Washable Pillows for Healthcare Facilities

A1 American provides the best pillows to meet your healthcare facility’s needs. We can offer the right balance between patient comfort and budgetary obligations while also helping you to offer the optimal degree of required sterilization.

  • Wipe clean pillows – We offer three varieties of wipe clean pillows, filled with either 18, 20, or 22 ounces, to provide the ideal comfort-to-budget ratio. These pillows have a durable exterior that is anti-microbial and can be wiped clean while at the same time still offering patients a necessary measure of comfort during the healing and recovery process. These are the ideal pillows for a healthcare facility, even though they will require a larger upfront investment. We believe the ease of cleaning and anti-microbial properties more than make up for the price tag.
  • Washable pillows – For a more affordable option, you can go with our washable pillows. These offer the ultimate in comfort and savings. However, they don’t offer the same wipe clean convenience – these are machine washable. The good news is that they are very comfortable (these are some of the same pillows our hotel clients use), and they are hypoallergenic, so your patients shouldn’t experience a reaction when sleeping on these pillows.

Offer Total Resident Comfort – We Can Help!

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