Replacing the Labor Mindset in the Hotel Industry

It is no secret that a staffing crisis is continuing to plague the hospitality industry. However, is the viewpoint of hoteliers perpetuating the situation? It may be a good time to review how you look at your staff. Do you view them as a labor pool that is often too shallow? Or do you view your team as the talent you have in your corner to help you deliver an exceptional experience to travelers?

A comparison shows why a hotel is more likely to hang onto talent and lose labor.

  • Labor mindset – a labor mindset considers workers as assets. Their value is in accomplishing a set task. The needs of the labor are determined by an executive who may never have been in a laborer’s shoes and doesn’t know what a living wage or necessary benefits are for the modern-day working class. Laborers are often treated as being expendable or easily replaced, and so they may fill that role by just not showing up one day.
  • Talent mindset – a talent mindset considers the staff as a team. The best players gain advantages. But everyone is rewarded well because you need every team member to play their best to succeed (which, in hotel terms, means providing a consistently excellent experience for guests). Talent sticks around and works hard to keep their position or even advance.

Doing Our Part to Help Improve Guest Experience

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