Robot-Run Hotels Are Here, But You May Want to Hang on to Your Staff

Robot-run hotels are certainly not new to the industry. In fact, the first hotel to be 100% run by machines is now seven years old. Of course, not even that hotel is 100% robot run anymore. Just before the pandemic, the management went to a 50/50 mix of human and robot staff.

What are some of the reasons that all-robot hotels, something that seemed to be the way of the future, aren’t becoming the norm? The fact is that robots still can’t do everything that humans can to provide a great travel experience. Sure, a robot can bring your bags to the room for you when the elevators are working, but what if they are not? Now a guest is left carrying bags up stairs that the robot can’t climb.

While robots may seem to reduce labor costs, they may do just the opposite. It turns out that keeping the robots running may cost more than having an employee. In fact, you may end up with more employees helping the robots to do their job than you would need humans to do the job instead of machines.

So yes, the pandemic increased demand for contactless services. But don’t start trading your staff for robots. They may be a good addition to your staff, but robots are not replacing humans in the travel industry any time soon.

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