Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses That Want to Grow

No one wants to see ads when they are scrolling through photos or posts from friends and family. That said, you can still use social media marketing to grow your brand. You have to do it the right way, so it’s less obtrusive to people. Here are a few tips:

  • Get the conversation started – create posts that allow people to interact by sharing their own comments and ideas. Try to avoid things that are too generic or controversial. Instead, use specific questions that all your followers can comment on, without ruffling each other’s feathers.
  • Start a poll – people want to know your brand listens. Create polls that add engagement for your followers while also giving you some good ideas about which direction to take the brand.
  • Provide expert tips – give your followers a life hack for a problem many of them encounter. Everyone loves to save a little time and money, and they’ll remember the brand that gave them some good pointers. You might even get them to turn notifications on for your posts.
  • Host a giveaway – people love free stuff, and most are willing to do a few little things that promote your brand in order to get a chance at some freebies. Ask followers to create content, use your hashtag, repost your content, or share your content in a way that secures an entry.

Pro Tips from the Hospitality Supply Experts

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