The Future of New Hotel Construction Post-Pandemic 1

The Future of New Hotel Construction Post-Pandemic: Here’s What You Need to Know

The hotel industry may have struggled through the pandemic, but it has not stopped pressing ahead toward the post-pandemic world. The “we will travel again” mantra is echoed by travel enthusiasts throughout the world. While some hotels across the globe have sadly shuttered their doors for good due to the extended downturn, many hotel chains are expanding like never before. Consider some telling statistics from the United States below:

  • As of the end of March, there are more than 14,000 hotel rooms under construction in New York City – the city that never sleeps was among those who took the hardest hit, but it is still preparing for the future.
  • Other US cities ( including Las Vegas, LA, and Orlando ) have more than 6,000 hotel rooms under construction each – it is not just one city that is preparing for a travel boom, but this anticipation is nationwide.

So how can your hotel prepare for new construction in the post-pandemic world?

Partnering with the Right Supplier for Your Present and Future Needs

A1 American Group has the supplies that new hotels need, from bedding to essential care products. Even in the post-pandemic world, travelers may see that contactless hand sanitizing station in the lobby as comforting. You need to focus on a hotel that is not only chic and comfortable but that also presents itself as a safe haven for travelers, regardless of what comes our way in the future. Give us a call today at 833.205.2200 to get the supplies you need for your newly envisioned hotel.

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