The Little Things that Mean a Lot to Your Rental Guests 1

The Little Things that Mean a Lot to Your Rental Guests

Putting minimal effort into your short-term rental is an easy way to get many negative reviews and ensure that your property becomes unrentable. No client wants that. However, with just a few little changes, you can add a lot of value and rack up on those five-star reviews that will let you charge a premium to guests. Here are a few things to try if you want your short-term rental business to thrive.

  • Hire a professional photographer – The right photos can sell and market your rental faster than anything else that appears on your site.
  • Don’t wait until the first day of the rental to contact the guest – There are plenty of ways you can help a guest before their stay begins. Learn from questions asked in the past and email your guests an FAQ. Then offer to answer any additional questions (be as detailed as possible with the FAQ for future guests).
  • Make booking easy – Work with a site that allows automated booking and doesn’t require waiting for you to return a message.
  • Switch to contactless check-in
  • Keep the living space uncluttered
  • Add some small amenities – local products are often the best, as travelers prefer a more “local” experience.
  • Check on your guests during the stay (but don’t hover – one call or message is enough to let them know you’re available and there to assist with any questions)
  • Keep it spotless – Now more than ever, guests require a clean space to feel more secure about their booking.
  • Follow up after the stay to make sure your guests are satisfied with their experience and will leave a great review.

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