The Questions Your Hotel Reservation Team Needs to Ask Guests 1

The Questions Your Hotel Reservation Team Needs to Ask Guests

When a guest is booking their room with a member of the reservation team, this gives the representative a unique opportunity to learn about your customer, so that you can turn a one-time stay into a long-term loyal guest. Here are some questions that can gather the information needed in a friendly manner:

  • Is this your first time staying with us? – if someone has stayed at your hotel before, they are familiar with the amenities and probably even know the room type they want. If not, this is a good opportunity to let the consumer know about some of the most popular room upgrades (at an additional fee, of course).
  • Do you have big plans for your stay? – this question helps you to learn why a traveler is in the area (business, visiting someone, nearby attractions, etc.). Then the representative can offer packages that meet the person’s needs.
  • Do you have any questions about the facilities or the area while I’m looking up rates? – this lets the rep tell the guest a little more about the hotel or what leisure activities are around while staying. The more they like what they hear, the more value they will associate with the room rate they are quoted.

Providing a Great Hotel Experience

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