The Trends in Online Booking Your Hotel Needs to Implement

As we get into the final weeks of 2022, what are some of the trends that are gaining steam when it comes to online bookings? Here are a few things that hoteliers need to bring with them into 2023 in order to ensure you can get those online bookings that your hotel needs to thrive.

  • A multi-channel approach – According to recent studies, Millennials are now more likely to try and book travel from a smartphone than a larger device. This means your booking site needs to be optimized for smartphone screens, operating systems, and browsers. A bad experience will result in a consumer surfing away from your site before the booking is completed.
  • The largest generational population (yep, we’re still talking about Millennials) cares more about having experiences than owning objects. This isn’t new news, but it’s essential knowledge for hotels that want to be able to compete with sites like Airbnb that offer a combination of a stay and local experiences. It’s time to create more packages and options for guests to enjoy local experiences.
  • Show your rooms – It can’t be emphasized enough how much travelers want to see real images of a room before booking. If they compare your website images with traveler photos from sites like TripAdvisor and learn that most rooms don’t look like the ones in your marketing pictures, that’s a sure way to lose trust (and a booking). Make sure travelers know what the room they are interested in will look like, and don’t just show images of a penthouse suite.

The Help You Need After You Get those Bookings

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