Travel Continues to Gain Traction Moving into 2023

You can expect more guests to be searching for the perfect booking as we close out 2022 and get 2023 started off right. Are there still fears of a global recession? Sure. But after all that time indoors during the pandemic, travel seems to be where consumers are willing to spend their money. Hotels are now starting to reach and even exceed pre-pandemic numbers from 2019, and that trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Of course, it isn’t just leisure travel that is returning. Business travel is coming back a little slower due to budgetary reasons. But there are still more corporate events returning in person, and that means bookings as well. While we are not seeing pre-pandemic numbers yet, the return is continuing for business travel.

But that doesn’t mean everyone suddenly has money. So you can be sure that bookings will depend on finding the right price and the right experiences. While you want your hotel to provide an incredible experience for guests. You also need to consider partnering with local businesses, restaurants, and attractions to provide packages for guests. This will also help your hotel to compete with vacation rentals that are able to easily package local experiences on sites like Airbnb.

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