Using the Right COVID-19 Signage to Welcome Back Patrons or Travelers 1

Using the Right COVID-19 Signage to Welcome Back Patrons or Travelers

Travelers and other patrons have made it clear that they care about safety and one way to show that your business is taking the proper precautions is to greet guests with the proper signage. A1 American is proud to offer sign packs that will show your brand’s commitment in keeping patrons safe during the pandemic and beyond. Here are a few examples of the signs we offer:

  • Handwashing Signage – This sign reminds guests to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. It also provides the CDC link for accurate COVID-19 information at the bottom of the sign. Additionally, we offer hand washing signs that do not mention COVID-19, in case you are looking for signage of a more permanent nature. 
  • Face Masks Required – A caution sign alerts entering guests that a face mask is required in order to gain access into your establishment.
  • Elevator Decals – A large decal reminds guests that elevator use is for a maximum of four people at a time and that they should use the corners of the elevator for maximum social distancing.
  • Sanitized Room – Let guests know that this room received the extra care that you provide for guests at your hotel. This standing sign is also available as a door seal, so that your guests know they are the first people to enter since the sanitizing took place.

Get the Signage Your Business Needs for the Present and Future

A1 American proudly supplies American businesses with day-to-day supplies and now with essential products such as signage related to the pandemic. Call us at 833.205.2200 to be connected with a team representative who can assist you with your order.

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