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What Are Employee Analytics? (And How Hoteliers Can Benefit)

If you run a hotel and are not taking advantage of employee analytics, you are falling behind your competition. Here are a few things you should know:

What Are Employee Analytics?

Just like you use analytics to understand your customers better, you can use analytics to understand your employees. The data can reveal useful information about the performance of your workers that show you where improvement is needed.

Why Employee Analytics Matter to Your Hotel

There are two main ways to leverage the data that your company has on its employees.

  • Review hotel practices – reviewing practices creates a better environment for employees that reduces attrition and increases productivity.
  • Shaping future changes – you can see where your employee training and compensation need to be updated in order to create the results that you want. If you want guests to have the best experience during their stay, you need employees to be well-trained and highly motivated.

Your hotel gets real-time benefits from implementing these changes, including:

  • Less turnover – long-term employees are familiar with your business model and don’t need the extensive training of new employees.
  • Better management – analytics can be used to help managers make wise decisions. For example, you know what to look for when hiring new employees.
  • Improved customer service – happy employees lead to happy hotel guests.

Give Your Hotel the Boost It Needs

You can use employee analytics to provide a better experience for your staff, a necessary tool that reflects on the experience of your guests as well. A1 American has your back on the other side of things, offering top-quality supplies to hotels. Contact us today at 833.205.2200 to get in touch with a friendly A1 American representative to help you place your order.

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