What Is Regenerative Travel & Why Is It the Next Big Thing in Tourism?

The travel industry was already trending toward reaching sustainable travel goals when the pandemic struck. While the industry is continuing to try and implement these lofty standards, albeit on a much tighter budget, travelers are beginning to realize some of the burden will be on the choices they make. Thus, a new trend in sustainable tourism is emerging – regenerative travel.

So what is regenerative travel? Rather than just trying to cut down on the carbon footprint left by travel, tourists who understand the climate trends are beginning to look for ways to regenerate the planet by means of their travel. Yes, you read that correctly; rather than reducing the negative impact of travel on the climate, the next big thing in travel is to have a positive impact.

This involves more than just choosing the right place to go or the right hotel to stay in. While the negative impact still must be reduced, regenerative travel requires experiences that improve the health of the planet. Providing access to this type of experience as a part of a travel package may be a good way to entice tourists looking for a means to do good while on their vacation.

The Future of Travel Is More Sustainable Than Ever

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