What Is Wishbox & How Can Its Product Launch Enhance Your Guest Experience 1

What Is Wishbox & How Can Its Product Launch Enhance Your Guest Experience?

The Duve app is the new product launch that has come from Wishbox; it is being marketed toward hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals. It may become an indispensable part of managing your brand’s relationship with your customers. Here are the ways the app can enhance your guest’s stay:

  • Online Check-in – from processing the payment and letting your guests scan documents to automatically suggesting the best upsells, the check-in process is contactless and streamlined.
  • Guest app – provide your guest with the information they need for their stay in digital format, including tips for enjoying great local experiences. Plus, the app is branded to match your business.
  • Upselling – sell your own in-house services (spa treatments, meal packages, etc.) or third-party services (tours, cooking classes, wine tastings, etc.).
  • Unified messaging and email – however you communicate with your guests, receive all of the messages in one convenient inbox.
  • Mobile key – offer simple room or rental entry using a smartphone.
  • Digital marketplace – increase guest value and your revenue at the same time with a digital marketplace.
  • Online check-out – make the check-out process a breeze with contactless check-out directly from the app.

An Instant Upgrade for Your Guests

The app instantly upgrades any hotel or vacation rental by providing contactless services that enhance customer experience while also generating more revenue through upselling. A1 American can help you to improve your guest experience even more with our quality hospitality supplies, including essential care products. Call 833.205.2200 to get in touch with a friendly A1 American representative who will help get your order started today!

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