What Travel Looks Like in the Summer of 2022

Travel has changed dramatically over the course of the pandemic. From almost zero travelers at one time, we are now beyond pre-pandemic numbers in certain sectors. So what does travel look like in the summer of 2022?

  • Labor shortages – this is impacting the entire industry. While the number of people employed in the hospitality field is almost back to normal, a normal amount of personnel is not enough when the whole world has been waiting to take a vacation for two to three years.
  • Increased prices – this is due to inflation as much as it is to overwhelming demand. From flights to hotel stays to food, everything costs more than it did even just a year ago.
  • Wellness vacations – many travelers don’t even want to go on daily excursions. They just want a change of scenery and to be off the clock for a few days.
  • Adventure travel – there is also a lot of pent-up desire for thrill-seeking. So while some people are just going on vacation to relax, others want to get their adrenaline fix.
  • Working vacations – people may not be traveling for business per se. But they certainly are taking their work with them. Expect some travelers to vacation for two weeks or more now that they can work remotely.

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