Why Your Restaurant Staff Needs High-Quality Bar Mops 1

Why Your Restaurant Staff Needs High-Quality Bar Mops

Bar mops are the go-to towel for restaurant staff in the dining room as well as in the kitchen. Why is the quality of this particular type of towel crucial for your business? Here are three reasons to invest in quality bar mops for your team.

  1. Absorb rather than push – Absorbent bar mops will clean up spills rather than pushing them onto the floor, where they now become a slip and fall hazard. Plus, when a server wipes up a spill, you don’t want them pushing the liquid onto a customer’s lap.
  2. Fewer injuries – A cheap towel can be the difference between someone in the kitchen moving a hot pan and going onto their next task or burning themselves and dropping the meal they were working hard to prepare.
  3. Protect your surfaces – Leaving tables and countertops wet can lead to stains or wear and tear. Having an absorbent bar mop handy can help your team keep the restaurant clean and preserve your tables and countertops for years to come.

Get the Best Bar Mops from a Trusted Hospitality Supply Provider

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