You Might Be Overlooking the Significance of Fitness Amenities 1

You Might Be Overlooking the Significance of Fitness Amenities

Does your hotel have modern fitness amenities? If not, you may be overlooking their value. According to a New York Times piece, nearly half of millennials view an on-site fitness center as an essential hotel feature. As you well know, millennials are now the largest consumer market, and the hospitality industry needs to pay attention to what they want. But this is about more than just bringing more travelers into your hotel.

Health and wellness travelers also spend significantly more on their travel. One wellness tourism report reveals that domestic travelers spend nearly triple on a vacation in order to keep things healthy. That includes fitness activities, wellness experiences, nutritional meals, spa treatments, and the like. So your entire business stands to gain by catering to wellness travel.

One way to do this is by offering health and wellness packages. Include time at the facilities in your hotel (for example, spa treatments). However, you can also partner up with local fitness facilities, spas, restaurants, and other businesses to offer health and wellness packages. At the same time, you will want to increase the offerings within your facility to meet guests’ desires in the most convenient way possible. Consider adding or expanding gym and spa facilities and even offering classes and specialized menus at the hotel restaurant.

The Supplies Your Hotel Needs

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