You Need to Know These 5 Pillow Secrets! 1

You Need to Know These 5 Pillow Secrets!

Pillows play a crucial role in the hospitality and vacation rental industries. However, both owners and guests regularly underestimate what is behind every pillow, and what ends up on a bed. Here are five pillow secrets that every traveler, vacation rental owner, or hotel manager should know:

  • Be thankful for the obnoxious tag – Yes, the one with all the warnings on it. That tag became law because in the 19th century, there were unscrupulous people selling pillows stuffed with the innards of old hospital mattresses. These pillows were stuffed and tightly packed with parts of old hospital mattresses as to avoid costs of manufacturing on their part while it was passed off as a medium for a good night’s rest. So the next time you have to fight with a tag on your pillow, just be glad you aren’t contracting an expected and dangerous disease instead!
  • Your pillow on vacation is likely newer than the one in your house – this is because pillows in hotels last between 1.5 to 3 years, depending on the quality of the pillow and how it is cared for.
  • Pillow theft is real – some guests will pack a pillow right into their suitcase and walk out the door. While it’s not common, there are some people who won’t leave the room without taking something, most especially the most comfortable pillow provided to them in the room.
  • Pillow menus are a thing – in fact, one hotel in Singapore has 16 pillows on its menu. They say that if you can’t get a good night’s sleep there, it sure isn’t the pillow’s fault!
  • Don’t think about how many people have used that pillow before you – think of it like a baloney sandwich. Just enjoy it without thinking too much about what goes into it. Your hotel is versed and deliberate about their choices of fluffy pillows. Chances are skipping out on a great night of sleep just by worrying instead!

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