2021 Travel Is Expected to Increase Dramatically During the Holidays 1

2021 Travel Is Expected to Increase Dramatically During the Holidays

Did you know that for the past four years, Motel 6 has conducted a holiday survey regarding travel? The good news is that if the survey is an accurate cross-section of America, there is about to be a huge travel boom. According to the survey, almost 70% of responders are planning to take a road trip during the holiday season. Evidently, most of those travelers will be going to see family since over 80% of responders reported that it is important to spend the holidays with loved ones. 

Whether travelers are going to be making a stop along a long journey or staying at their destination for a time, this means hotels can expect to be busy in the coming weeks. If you noticed a travel boost around the holidays last year, it’s going to be even bigger this year. The survey also revealed that a third of the responders who said they would be traveling this year stayed home last year.  

Two-thirds of responders said that they hope this year’s holiday plans will be a better experience than last year. 2020 saw a lot of canceled plans as COVID-19 cases rose rapidly. A flexible cancellation policy may help you to fill up those rooms, even if it means having a few more cancellations than usual. If you allow pets, that is an even bigger plus as almost two-fifths of responders stated that the furry family members were coming along on their travels. 

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