Will AI Correct Some Major Hospitality Industry Deficiencies 1

Will AI Correct Some Major Hospitality Industry Deficiencies?

The problem with Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI) is that when most people think about it, they envision an I- Robot sort of scenario, where machines rebel against their human masters. The fact of the matter is that most modern AI applications simply pour over piles of data to turn it into useful information for the big decision-makers at a company. Can AI help the hospitality industry correct some big issues and maybe even automate some of the decision-making processes? What are some areas in which this could be efficient?

  • Price setting – by having AI compare competitor prices, the number of open rooms, and other predefined variables, it wouldn’t take a terribly complicated app to crawl the web for data and recommend room rates, perhaps even updating them daily (or more often if need be).
  • Marketing – AI can help find your target audience, suggest the best keywords to use in your PPC campaigns, and even determine your cost of customer acquisition. 
  • Customer relationship management – imagine if AI could remember a guest’s previous visits and data and use that to send targeted direct emails when you run deals on packages that are relevant to that customer’s interest. 

These are just a few of the ways that AI may be able to make a hotel more competitive in the modern marketplace.

Supplying Your Hotel to Get You Ready for Guests 

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